Permanent Supportive Housing


Our permanent supportive housing is:

  • Low-barrier – Pre-conditions such as sobriety, income or religious participation are not required to receive services.
  • Permanent – There are no time limits.
  • Affordable – Tenants contribute up to 30% of their income. A new tenant’s rent portion ranges from $0 - $260 a month.
  • Service-rich – Comprehensive services ranging from medication management to household budgeting are offered right where people live and in the local community.
  • Client-driven – All services are voluntary and tailored to the needs of each tenant.

Private Apartments and Services

Lamp Community offers apartments throughout Los Angeles to those in need. New tenants sign a standard lease and have the same rights and responsibilities of any renter. Buildings meet high quality and safety standards and integrate seamlessly into neighborhoods. Many of the units are in buildings owned and operated by Lamp Community or by partner agencies. These apartment complexes are developed for homeless people with disabilities and are designed to accommodate on-site services, often giving tenants access to a therapist, a nurse and a psychiatrist right where they live. Our service team also includes case managers who work closely with tenants to help them achieve their goals, such as obtaining disability benefits and health insurance, enrolling in school, re-uniting with family, overcoming legal barriers or acquiring life skills such as cooking or taking public transportation.

We also lease affordable units in complexes owned and operated by private landlords. This scattered site model utilizes existing housing to give tenants greater choice in neighborhoods and allows them to live among individuals and families from all walks of life while receiving rental subsidies and home and community based services. Due to the scarcity of permanent rental subsidies, we also identify and help people move into affordable unsubsidized apartments while offering ongoing services.

Lamp Community is one of the few local agencies that has the ability to finance the security deposit and first month’s rent when needed for people moving into apartments owned by partner agencies and private landlords. We provide this critical stipend to ensure that chronically homeless individuals are not turned away due to move-in costs.

Permanent Supportive Housing Sites:

The Lodge

The Alexandria Hotel

The Parker Apartments

La Primavera Apartments

San-West Collaborative Santos

San-West Collaborative 39 West

HIV/AIDS Program

This program includes shelter and housing linkage for those living with HIV/AIDS as well as outreach, support groups, testing, counseling, education programs, prevention kits and linkage to immediate no-cost medical care, reaching over 1,000 women and men annually.

Veterans Program

Through a partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Lamp is providing housing placement, specialized case management and clinical services to 125 homeless veterans over the course of the next five years.