Housing and Services

We offer permanent housing linked to wraparound health and social services for the most vulnerable homeless individuals. What sets Lamp Community apart from other service providers in Los Angeles and Skid Row is its expertise in outreaching to those who have the most complex, high-barrier conditions contributing to their homelessness, including untreated, severe and persistent mental illness and physical disabilities including chronic disease. Without intervention, members of our target population can end up on the streets again and again and cycle through institutions, shelters or jails for years.

Our programs are based on the “Housing First” model, which Lamp helped pioneer more than two decades ago and that is recognized as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Services are provided within a high-tolerance, harm reduction framework, meaning there are no preconditions such as sobriety, religious participation or income. This allows us to house the most vulnerable – those who have been shut out of other programs and left to fend for themselves on the streets. Clients receive stable housing and are surrounded by services essential to maintain it, treat mental and physical illnesses and achieve self-sufficiency on their own terms. Lamp is one of only a few agencies that houses the chronically homeless and 95% of Lamp clients remain in their housing long-term. Women and men who participate in one or more of Lamp’s programs are called “members” rather 

Service Sites

Lamp Community serves approximately 3,000 individuals annually through our many programs and sites.

Frank Rice Access Center (FRAC)

The FRAC provides public restrooms, showers and program linkage for the hardest-to-reach homeless adults. Staff support is offered in a low-demand environment to engage and offer resources to people who have often been rejected by mainstream providers due to behaviors, addictions or the severity of their mental illness.

The Village

The Lamp Village is located in the heart of Skid Row and offers 98 year-round emergency shelter beds for both men and women, including individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and those exiting the prison system without a home. Members receive three meals a day and have access to support groups, case management and other services leading towards permanent housing and increased stability.


This 25-bed shelter near MacArthur Park serves individuals receiving emergency medical care. Shelter residents are referred to this site by the L.A. County Department of Health and hospitals. With meals, full-time nursing care, case management and linkage to permanent supportive housing, residents can stabilize after a hospital stay.

South L.A. Recuperative Care Center

This 38-bed shelter in East Rancho Dominguez also serves homeless individuals exiting hospitals and offers meals, on-site nursing care, health oversight, medical staff support, case management and housing resources. This center provides an alternative to repeated costly emergency room visits by homeless men and women who are affected by chronic illnesses. 

Wellness Center

This Medi-Cal certified outpatient mental health center in Skid Row offers medication management, health and psychiatry services, case management, psychiatry, counseling and support groups for currently and formerly homeless community members. Participation in other Lamp programs is not required to access this center.

The Lodge

This 49-unit permanent supportive housing apartment complex is owned and operated by Lamp. Hundreds of Lamp members have been housed in additional units throughout Los Angeles as a result of innovative partnerships with landlords and partner agencies.

The Nest

This Lamp office site is where our Veteran's program, HIV/AIDS program and permanent supportive housing teams reside.