Outreach + Emergency Shelter

Outreach is an intensive process to engage those least likely to accept help. The process results in a trusting relationship that compels vulnerable women and men to make new choices and try new services, including housing. Many are mistrustful of service organizations, many are living with untreated mental illness, and many have failed to remain housed in the past. With a “housing first” philosophy, Lamp offers more than 160 emergency shelter beds for women and men that want to leave the streets and work towards securing housing.

At Lamp, clients have access to a caring and experienced community that helps them secure housing and government benefits, accompanies them to medical, legal and community appointments, and encourages participation in mental health and recovery services. During their stay in one of our shelters, our clients lay the foundation to maintain housing so that they are prepared to enjoy a different way of life that is both secure and fulfilling.